Rest With Me

“But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.”

-Psalm 131:2

There is nothing sweeter to me then when one of my children fall asleep on my chest. I find it so peaceful to just rest and soak up those baby snuggles… Tonight as I was putting Isaac to sleep, I started to hear my Heavenly fathers voice speaking to me…He said,

Just like you find it sweet to rest with your baby, so do I find it enjoyable when you rest in my presence. Continue reading “Rest With Me”

She Was Lovely


At the end of your life what is ONE word you hope others would use to describe you??

I heard this question the other day and it stuck with me! The person who posed this question gave the reference to God. He said, If we were to choose ONE word to describe God, which encompasses all He represents, it is LOVE. So when others think of you and all you have done, what will they say!? Continue reading “She Was Lovely”

Emotional Healing With Laura Khan

comfortI will give you back your health and heal your wounds,” says the Lord.

– Jeremiah 30:17 

I had the Privilege and Honor of discussing the topics of EMOTIONAL HEALING with my friend, Laura Khan.  Laura is a Licensed Professional Counselor, board certified Art Therapist, mother of 2 Young children, wife and fellow truth seeker. She has a wealth of knowledge and a desire to help others in their journey towards wholeness. I hope you find this information insightful and life giving.

Before diving into the tools, I want to remind you that healing is a process. It is very common to feel like your process is “taking too long”, but I want to encourage you to STAY THE COURSE. Only God knows how much longer you must endure, so keep your hope in Him. Remember, that His desire is for you to live a life of abundance and wholeness.

“Focus on the PROCESS over the PRODUCT”

Laura said that above line on our call, and found it to be so comforting.  I think it is far too easy to value the destination more then the journey, but it is during the journey that we experience healing. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you honor and appreciate how far you have come; And my hope is,  that these tools bring you deeper healing and HOPE!

So as promised here are some of the top tools and methods that Laura Suggests…

Prayer Life 

  • She suggest having an active prayer life where you invite the Holy Spirit into your healing. Continually praying that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and able to receive the fruits of the spirit. (See Galatians 5:13-26)
  • Ask God to forgive you daily for your own sins.
  • Have and Attitude of Gratitude, continually letting God know how thankful you are to be alive.

Scriptural Awareness

  • Meditate on Scripture, being intentional about filling your mind with The Word and sound Truth.
  • Create awareness towards what you are focusing on and filling your mind with during the day – discerning if your daily life choices, surroundings and influences are pointing your towards truth or perpetuating the lies.


  • A fancy way to say, “thinking about thinking”. Observing your thought life will helps you to identify limiting beliefs.  Your thought life reflects how past wounds have shaped your core beliefs about yourself, others and the world you live in. Identifying these thought patterns is one of the first steps in changing your thinking.
  • Your core beliefs are the root of YOU, and if you have been wounded, those roots have become distorted and infected. But God’s word and truth are the medicine which can heal these distortions.
  • You can bring the Holy spirit into this by asking Him to reveal thought patterns that are not aligned with Truth. Once they are revealed Commit to the process of renewing your mind.

Seek Help

  • Some wounds are just too big to process on your own, so often there is great benefit to reaching out to find professional help.  There are many experienced and insightful professionals that have tools and wisdom to help you navigate and find deep healing. (Laura highly recommends, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation)
  • If you have experienced trauma and longterm emotional pain, your brain structure has been altered, which can cause longterm suffering when untreated. But healing is possible, and there are professionals that can help you rewire your brain and renew your mind.


  • Find a creative outlet, such as, art, drawing (Laura enjoys doing Zentangle) , music, or crafting. Creative outlets such as art can help you to feel grounded and have a positive sense of control over you life.
  • Move more slowly through your daily actions, becoming more conscious of the feelings and emotions that are directing your daily choices. If you tend to over eat when stressed, try “Conscious eating”; which is the practice of eating more slowly, so that you can process your emotions.

Shift your Focus

  • Take your focus off yourself and seek to extend grace and compassion to others. It is important to have Self-Reflection time but too much can become unhealthy. Taking time to help others will benefit you and those you are helping. It feels good to help others and give back. 

Laura offered so many valuable tools, which I hope has you encouraged to face your healing journey head on. I suggest you choose one or two tools to focus on for a few week and find accountability if you can! When you focus on one step at a time,  staying connected to the process the results will come. ,

I will be offering many more perspectives and healings tools over the next couple of  weeks – So if you found this helpful , hit the SUBSCRIBE button and FOLLOW ALONG.

You will bloom in season,




Ouch! That hurt.



I recored a short video the other day talking more about FORGIVENESS!!!! and I hope you check it out.

But, in short, I was talking about how its much easier to ignore emotional wounds, compared to physical wounds. If I scratched my hand, all would be able to see, I wouldn’t need a doctor, but I would need to take a step or two to help that cut heal.  Its common sense for us, we know that basics of taking care of a cut or bruise when it comes to our bodies – but what to do we do to heal emotional wounds?? Continue reading “Ouch! That hurt.”