Praise Be to Thee

praise“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. “

– Psalm 118:1

Hey Papa, This world is a buzz with the coming Holiday season… I can feel it in the air, everyone is about to go bat shit crazy over their holidays!!! Christmas music is on, red and green is everywhere, and the chaos is increasing daily. JESUS, Help us all!!!

Don’t get me wrong God, I love to celebrate, and I believe you created us to celebrate and be joyful… But Im pretty sure you didn’t intend for our joy to be centered around the latest toy crazes or fancy electronic gadgets.  Yet, we are human and easily distracted by worldly entertainments. Forgive us papa… But on a more attuned note… Today Papa and all the days ahead of me, remind me that you are the reason for every season. Although, I will partake in the celebrations and enjoy all the sights, sounds and festivities; help me not  tolose sight of you.

Cheers to staying grounded!

Love you Papa, your daughter x0

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