“I am guiding you in the way of wisdom,
    and I am leading you on the right path.
12 Nothing will hold you back;
    you will not be overwhelmed.
13 Always remember what you have been taught,
    and don’t let go of it.
Keep all that you have learned;
    it is the most important thing in life.”

-Proverbs 4:11-13

The other morning I was pushed out of bed by my sweet Jacob, I assumed it was time to rise, so I went downstairs to start my day. When I got to the kitchen I saw that it was 4:44!!!

“This is too early “- I said… I need more sleep… But then I thought, maybe I need this extra time awake…

That is when I started to feel you papa, pulling me into my day, into your flow and into your presence. I had dishes to do from the night before, laundry to wash and toys to put away – but you where there with me. After I finished transforming the chaos of my home back to peace, I then sat down to be with you. I was tired, but willing to hear what you had to share – and this is what I heard.

” I am the planner of your days, trust that I will give you all that you need to accomplish my plan for the day. All the energy, all the peace, all the focus, ALL that you need- lean on me so that I may work through you.”

Papa, this is the lesson you keep teaching me – surrender. You keep showing me that the more I allow you and trust you, the more you can do in me and through me. My spirit knows this to be true but often my mind and body like to tell me a different story.

So for today papa, in this moment I surrender. I trust your ever unfolding plan and destiny for me – I am here, just breathing and believing that I have access to all that I need for whatever shows up in my day…

I am doing lots of deep breathing papa…. So, please stay close!

Love your daughter, xo

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