Keep Doing Good


“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

-Galatians 6:9

KEEP IT UP –  even when you want to give up – just keep showing up and doing your best.  Keep believing, keep praying, keep seeking me and in time you will see all I have planned for you.

You will get tired and when you do – REST!!! It’s ok, you can take a break, I will take care of everything. I only ask, while you rest, please remember  I live in you – as you care for yourself, you also tend to me. Nourish us, be tender to us, love us, praise us, and enjoy us. We can and WILL do great things together!

When your energy returns, continue to RUN YOUR RACE – Share the good news, share with all, how in your time of need I was there to comfort you. Remind my other children that I am a GOOD father – I am faithful, generous, gracious and patient.  Show them my daughter, let your light shine!

Remember daughter, I will ask you to do good work for me, but you will not work in vain. You will be serving a great PURPOSE! Keep your eyes on me, and I will continue to show you the way back to me.

Sleep well and when you rise – awake to all can and will be!

Love, Papa

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