“Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.”

-Isaiah 43:18

Papa, my heart was heavy this past week…

I came to you, crying out in anger, because I was disappointed in the actions of others. I felt wronged, I felt helpless, I felt damaged, but through my anger I knew I needed you… I needed the reminder, that you are my comfort and you work everything out for good.

Oh papa, I so badly wanted to stay mad.. I wanted to tell the person how WRONG I thought their choices were – I wanted to give it to them! Then I felt the pain in my heart, and knew this  pain does not need to be spread, it needs to be healed.

You have showed me over time that anger towards others does not hurt THEM, it hurts ME. I am learning, when I hold onto pain from the past, I allow the past to maintain its hold on me which keeps me stuck. I trully believe in order for me experience freedom, I must make the continual choice to forgive myself and others.

…I sigh, knowing, that this is not easy… but it can be SIMPLE.

I am learning to trust your process papa…  I am beginning to see that all of my life experiences are here to guide and grow me. I believe pain can be a teacher, and if I am a PRESENT student, then I will learn to master myself.

Today I feel lighter, I feel calmer, I feel a tad bit more whole… I am reminded that freedom feels much lighter then carrying the burden of anger. So just for today, I will forgive any pain from the past so I may expereince freedom and peace NOW.

Love you daughter, x0

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