Give It Up


walk them home

“Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you Healed me.”

-Psalm 30:2


God you are the healer of all…but why do so many of your children remain broken and sick?

Dear child, do you remember when you thought you did not need me? Do you remember when you believed man knew more than me? You are not my only child who has ever doubted or questioned me.

Sweet child, I am always present with my children, ready to take their pain, heal their brokenness, and fill them with all my joy and peace… But often, my children hold tight to their past memories, they CHOOSE to claim pain as their story.

My child, do you remember when you began to heal, you first had to let go of the old so I could make you NEW?”

Yes papa, I remember. It was so scary! Everything I knew was being washed away. I did not know WHERE I was going or WHO I was becoming, but you spoke Jeremiah 29:11 over me, and that kept me moving towards your LIGHT.

“Yes my child, I have beautiful plans for you and ALL of my CHILDREN – you all are destined to live hope-filled and purposeful lives. Healing is part of that plan! Remember child, you are not defined by your story, so GIVE IT UP! Surrender your past and future to me, so that my goodness and glory may shine through you.

 KNOW THIS – I am a forgiving God, I am a healing God and I desire for all my children to be RESTORED and RENEWED.”

Oh papa, I just love you so MUCH!!! You are so GOOD to me!

your daughter, x0x0



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