The Vail


“The women said, “the serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

-Genesis 3:13

A vail lays upon us…

This vail blocks many from seeing that the presence of God is but a breathe a way…This vail fell upon us in the Garden of eden and since then we have come to believe – we are here and God is there…far away in a foreign world.

This vail has become thicker, denser and harder on many of us. The vail has created a  deception mindset, where the  spirits of disbelief, doubt and fear rule us.

The divide has grown deeper and darker… the vail has deceived so many into believing they are not loved, supported, or chosen. We have become a lost people, who have forgotten our way back home.

          Remove the vail papa…. Let them see you are here – NOW – in our presence at all         times; Remind us that your healing love is but a sleep away. 

Let our belief grow and expand to match your abilities. Let us forget our rational thinking  and instead embrace your miracle mindset – so we may walk through the vail and find your new world to be one of glory and splendor.

Let us reunite here, bringing heaven onto earth.

The day is coming… You are coming closer, so those who claim they can not see, feel or hear you – can experience all your glory and goodness.

Darkness will be chased out, the demons will flee and binds and chains will be lifted – your children will  yet again feel the lightness of  your sweet freedom. Oh how they will KNOW that you are the truth, the way  and the light they seek.

Lies will die and we will live in The Truth for eternity – for the vail is nothing but a lie.

I dare you to look beyond the vail, see beyond the limits of your eyes, believe that HE is here.  Know that angles walk with yo and His hand guides your ways, just Look… Open your heart and mind to see ALL GOD has done in your life.

If all you can see is pain, fear, hurt or anger… That is not Him… That is the Vail. Look further, look deeper, look to see how He can use your pain to create purpose. See how that fear can be transformed into relentless faith and that hurt and anger can be used to develop compassion and grace in your hardened heart.

Beyond the Vail. Is here and NOW.

Beyond the deception is where truth is found.

Beyond you and your human limits, is our God. Your source of all – he is a limitless God.

Let go of the vail… It is your time to return home and abide in your Heaven on Earth.








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