Who Me God?


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, Before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

-Jeremiah 1:5

Papa, from a young age I have known that you have placed a great calling on my life. When I was an adolescent you would give me visions, in my teen years spoken words,  and as an adult you continue to give me signs and a Knowing… Always, reminding me of who you CREATED me to be.

Although, I have often questioned and doubted your plans – WHO ME GOD? Do you see the mistakes I have made in life? They will judge me and attack me for being a fraud..

I have over and over again, felt overwhelmed and inadequate for the calling you have placed on me… WHY ME GOD? I am not enough, I am too much of bad and not enough of the great. Seriously God!??

BUT, non the less… You have continued to affirm me and remind me of the call you have placed upon my life.

Oh papa, I often feel as Jeremiah did – who me? I am too young, they will mock me; And then you answered me – just like you did Jeremiah -” it will not be you who speaks, it will be ME speaking through you.”

I am learning papa, to fear not of man and to live for YOU alone…Just as Jeremiah did.

Last night during prayer service, as I had my hands reaching up to you, I felt you with me… In the sweetest and most loving way ever, you spoke to me with conviction  –

“Sweet daughter, are you grateful YET for the purpose I have given you?”

With tears in my eyes papa… Forgive me for my ungrateful attitude – Forgive me for ever doubting your majestic plan. and YES papa, I am beyond honored and grateful for the gifts and calling you have anointed me with.

Thank you Papa for your patience as I have matured my mind and soul. Thank you for CHOOSING ME to serve you and your children. You are a great GOD.

Love you daughter, x0x


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