I Am Calling You

women“Let your light shine.”

-Matthew 5:16

You are made for more…

I know you feel that soul burning desire for more – thats from me, I have been breathing life into you my dear. You know it’s time, you can feel it, but your not sure your ready yet…

But It is time my dear. It is your time to breakthrough…

BREAKOUT of your comfort zone, step out of your safe zone, let go of that desire for easy.

Come my dear, lets Go – for you are made for more then a mediocre life.

I see you trying to dim your light around others, stop, let your joy flow! I see you trying to shrink yourself to fit into a box that so many others have settled into – But my sweet daughter – you are not made to fit in a box! I did not create you to live a small, dull, simple life.

I have kept you hidden for many years, so that you could grow-up, heal and learn who I created you to be… But my dear, your season of being hidden is almost over.

As you enter this new season, I will be with you, but I will need you to stand-up! It is time for you to STAND- OUT and let your LIGHT shine for others to see. Your sisters need to see you – show them ALL the good I have done in you.  Tell them I am the one who made you whole,  I am the one who fulfills your every need and I am your Father God.

Go share your light, so that others may find their way back to me.

I love you daughter, keep becoming ALL I have called you to BE!



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