Come Back Sister

come sister

“Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.”

-1 Samuel 12:24

As I sit here, pondering on all the energy that fills me, I wonder if I will ever be able to articulate ALL GOD has done in my life.

It was a short a time ago, that I found myself in the pit of despair. I was bone tired, feeling sorry for myself, overwhelmed by emotional pain and lost in the wilderness. I had forgoten who I was and I felt deeply disconnected from my God.

Surrounded by darkness, I was broken down, tormented by flashbacks and obtrusive thoughts. My mind had become a living hell and my body felt weak and unstable. I daily wondered and doubted if I would make it out alive. I feared death, but often death appeared less painful then the hell I was living in.

It was in that time of darkness, I began to search for the light. 

It was then, I choose to come back to Jesus – asking for healing. 

It was in that moment, I began to crawl towards God begging to be set-free. 

I made the choice to begin praying, reading the Bible and listening over and over again to Truth speakers, DAILY. I knew the only remedy that would heal my broken soul and distorted mind was and IS – the TRUTH.

I knew only the LIGHT can cast out the darkness – and only LOVE can overcome fear.

When I first came to Jesus, I was deep in the wilderness; but he still came to me. He filled me up with the energy and courage I needed to find my way back to my chosen path. He comforted me as I forgave those who had hurt me and he gently convicted me for the times my free will had taken me off course.

He was my teacher, healer, comforter and protector – and to this day, I am beyond grateful He choose to SAVE ME.

I know, many of us, will experience our own wilderness – Many are currently in a season of darkness, despair, angst and they feel lost and alone…

If you are there, I want you to know, this is temporary. This pain will not last forever. Call out to God and beg him to met you where you are – ask him to be your healer, comforter, protecter and teacher. Be patient with yourself as you begin to heal your soul and renew your mind – walking back home is not a easy journey, but it will be worth it.

As I reflect on that season, I see that God was always there. He never left me. It was I, who had turned my back to him. He has always loved me and knew that I was created to server a HUGE purpose –  but it was me who had forgot.

If you also have forgot, I urge you, Come back to papa sister… Come back home. Remember sister, you where not created to live in the dark – you are destined to live in the light. No matter how far away you have gone, pick up your camp and start your journey back.  Papa, has great plans in place for you, He is simply waiting on you – to SURRENDER your LIFE to him.

You are safe sister, just keep trusting papa, He is there, guiding you back to Him.

Love your sister, x0x



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