What is your “WHY”?


Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.


Do you know your WHY?  This may not be you, but most people set goals that they feel no connection too. When you ask them what is their “why?”, they may say – well the doctor says I need to lose weight, or my wife thinks it be good for me to eat better, or my pastor says I should read my bible more – notice their answer has nothing to do with them, only what others think they should be doing. You will also hear these people make broad statements like  – “I want to loose weight”, “I want to be more spiritual”,I want to be healthier” – these broad statements sounds nice, but they are not specific enough to reap success.

SO Lets be honest – We all have been this person, including myself!! We have set big goals, created perfect visions that all sounded nice and admirable – then we spent time making a vision board, writing affirmation cards and telling our friends and family what we plan to do…Yet when they check back in with us 30, 60 or even 90 days later… We don’t have much to show – our motivation is lacking, our commitment is weak and our vision isn’t clear. So WHY does this happen? How could it be that a month ago, you were SURE you would be successful??

In order to determine the answer to those questions, we need to do some soul probing!  We have to ask the questions – WHY do I want what I want? WHY am I making these Changes? What is my WHY THAT MAKES ME CRY?

There is this popular phrase in the personal development industry, that says – Have A why that makes you Cry.  It was discovered that people are most likely to have success with their goals when they are deeply connected on a emotional level to their specific goals. For instance – I am making these healthy choices so that I can live a healthy life, free of disease or I am making God part of my everyday life so that I can live a long abundant life full of peace. These goals show that they are taking ownership for their future, it reveals they have purpose in their daily choices and that they have long term vision. These are all key factors in sticking to your goal and finding long term success.

MY GOAL with this article is to encourage you to make this year, the year you make real change! I want you to discover your  “why?” that will you pull your forward even when you feel the resistance of change.  I want you to determine – Why this will be the year that you choose to show up fully for you purpose? Why is NOW the time you stop settling for average and start asking for what you want? The deeper you go to find your inner motivation to make these changes, the better!!!

I  truly believe we all have equal amount of opportunities to create the life we desire – we all have the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 365 days this year. The determining factor in who gets what they want, and who stays stuck where they are, is how they choose to use that time.  So loose the excuses, stop the blaming and instead daily make the choice to focus on your WHY.

You don’t need to cry every time you think of your why… that may be a tad dramatic! BUT I want you to feel that deep pull in your soul, that says- get up, today is a new day, go after your purpose! So let’s talk tips, to help you discover that deep soul WHY!

Tips for Discovering you WHY:

  1. Get quiet. Take a pen, paper and some relaxing music into a quiet space. Write on your paper – WHAT IS MY WHY? Then let your soul deep emotions be your guide. There is no wrong answer – just write what comes up.
  2. Write down your priorities. For me, I think of myself being 80 years old, and envision what would be most important to me then. Im pretty sure I will not care about a bikini body at 80, but I will want to feel healthy and active.
  3. Talk it out. Talking to someone who is a good listener and gives wise counsel can be very useful in helping you discover your why.  Just make sure you stay true to you.
  4. Spend time with God. I know that God has created me to serve a purpose and fulfill a destiny. I find the closer I draw to him and become sensitive to his guidance the clearer my vision becomes. Spending time in prayer and worship, is very helpful.
  5. Be patient. Have a legacy mindset – Rome was not built in a night. Your why will evolve has you grow  in life, so it may take time for you to fully align with a soul deep why. Just stay focused on building with purpose and it will come.

I hope that these tips and questions point you towards the direction of you destiny! You are so worthy of living a life that fills you up – because when you are full you can fill up others; and our world needs more cup fillers! Enjoy the process of discovering your – “why that makes you cry. This is the process of blooming and  becoming a more truer version of yourself! Have grace for who you have been and accept who you are destined to become.

Supporting you and encouraging you as you find your WHY! ❤




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