Discover Your Inner-Cheerleader


“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

-Philippians 4:13

Hello friends, I hope you have made time to write down your vision, goals, power word and why for this new year! But if you haven’t yet, it is all good – today is a great day to begin!

Now onto today’s topic- I want to share with you about our “inner critic” and “inner cheerleader” and the role they play in our growth. You may be surprised to know this, but YOU are the  biggest obstacle in building YOUR dream life.  But there is HOPE- because you can LEARN how to be your biggest promoter and advocate in manifesting your desires – Let me further explain, so we can get you headed in the direction of your destiny!  As a recovering “perfectionist” I can say that I am very familiar with the sound of my inner critics voice – she is sharp, cunning, and doesn’t think anything I do is good enough. For many year, that was the dominate voice I heard in my thoughts – a voice focused on critique, judgment, shame, guilt and my inadequacies. It should come with no surprise that during those years I struggled with anxiety, depression and disappointment – I become good at manifesting what I “didn’t want”.  For many of us, the critic sounds the same, always finding a way to convince us we are “not enough”. Her goal is too keep you small, keep you from you dreams and to keep you feeling paralyzed by fear.

After giving the inner-critic my personal power for long enough, I made a decision! I said- enough is enough! I begin to have hope that my life could be different and that I didn’t have to live in fear or constant anxiety of what could go wrong.  I started to seek a teacher to help me heal my inner thought patterns so that I could quiet that inner dialogue of negativity – they say, when the student is ready the teacher will arrive – for me Louise Hay showed up. It was this quote (from her book, You Can Heal Your Life) that helped me begin the process of Becoming My Own Cheerleader

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

-Louise Hay

GAME CHANGER!!! Louise Hay, taught me a lot about how to Love myself – how to use my thoughts to create a life I loved, a body I loved and a mind I loved. She has been a beautiful teacher in my life  (via books and YouTube, obviously!) She has helped me develop a positive inner dialogue, (which is still in progress and will be till the day I die) and she helped me discover my inner cheerleader. So without further ado Let me introduce you to my INNER CHEERLEADER!

My inner cheerleader is the BEST – I am getting excited just thinking about her now. She encourages me when I am down, she tells me I am capable, I am strong and that I can do whatever I put my mind to. She reminds me that some goals require patience and it takes time to develop new skills- but I am doing great with the knowledge and skills I currently have. She sees me for who I am – a child of God, destined to fulfill a beautiful and purposeful destiny! She loves me for where I am and knows there is so much more for me to see, do and BE. She reminds me to live each day present and purposeful and that I am worthy of peace, joy and love.  Doesn’t she just sound like the sweetest and coolest BFF ever!? She can be you your Cheerleader too, if you want!

So let’s talk TIPS now!! I want to give you some direction on how to identify your inner critic, so you can become tone deaf to her voice ;)- and I want to help you TUNE in loud and clear to your inner cheerleader!

Step 1: Identify the voice of your critic: Without judgment, begin to notice your thoughts and the “voices” in your thoughts. We all have inner dialogue with ourself and these thought patterns reveal a lot. Notice how your thoughts leave you feeling – do you feel exhausted? angry? sad? happy? Motivated? discouraged? Just take notice and see if you can identify a pattern or common theme. Meditation is useful for this process.

Step 2: Call a Liar by its name:  The inner critic is a liar and it is important for you to know that. The words she speaks to you, are not real, they are not true, they do not define you or determine your worth. The way she gets power over you is by making you believe she is right. BUT, now that you know she is liar –  you can take your power back and KICK HER OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS. No need to get in a inner battle with your thoughts, simply just begin to delete the LIES. The less energy you give to the lies, the better  – liars are not worth your time or energy!

Step 3: Make your inner cheerleader your new bestie: So we know enough about the dark side, the critic and our insecurities – NOW, let’s talk about your light and the TRUTH. Your inner cheerleader believes in ALL the good that you are and all the good you desire! Make her one of the first voices you hear in the am and the last voice you hear before you count your sheep. She is there to cheer you on and encourage you to keep going. The more energy and time you focus on building yourself up the faster you will begin to see your new and desired reality.

Step 4: Renew your mind daily. Philippians 4:8 Talks about the importance about focusing our thoughts on that which is good and lovely. There is no magic pill that instantly make your thoughts positive for the rest of your life, keep dreaming! But, there is and old saying – ” a proverbs a day, keeps the devil away”. Everyday of our life we need a daily dose of encouragement, positivity, motivation and TRUTH. So that when the critic shows up – you have the strength and power to tuner her out. For me, the truth is found in the Bible, but I also read books and articles that aim to encourage me and keep me inspired.

I hope these tips encourage you and inspire you to start overcoming self-destructive thought patterns. Remember, we all have them, but we have the power to delete the lies and listen to the truth! Renewing our mind is a life process, not a 21 day fix – make time DAILY to focus on filling your thoughts with positivity and truth. You deserve to feel happy, full of life and be following your purpose – Your Inner- cheerleader wants to get you there! Tune in to her voice, Turn her UP and keep believing in your dreams.

You are becoming so beautifully 🙂 ❤

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