Embrace Your Challenge Days

georgespatton1“28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

-Romans 8:28

Some days are GREAT days . You know, the kind of days when you feel rested, the sun is shinning, you encounter friendly people wherever you go, you easily accomplish all your goals and tasks, all your meals taste like perfection, your children clean up after themselves and follow every instruction you give them,your husband cleans the kitchen and rubs your shoulders with out asking –  You just feel like you are on TOP of the mountain, breezing through LIFE!

THEN… There are other days… the LEARNING kind of days. The days where you learn what kind of dark emotions still linger in your soul – It’s not a “BAD DAY” its a “CHALLENGE DAY”.  Often these days feel like “The poop hitting the fan” or in my case today – MY SON POOPING IN THE SHOWER… (then you go to give him a bath and discover he has PEED in there!!!) Yeah, it was one of those kind of days…

Obviously, we all wish everyday could go as “planned” – no challenges, no problems, no issues, no friction – it sounds nice, in theory, but it also sounds kind of boring… See I have come to learn that our challenge days are what increase the beauty of our GREAT days. When we face challenges, we have a choice to make – ACCEPT the challenge and become VICTORIOUS or REJECT the challenge and become a VICTIM.

When you overcome a challenge day, knowing that you took your day HEAD ON – you left nothing on the table and pushed till the end – you end your day feeling accomplished. Challenge days are inevitable, they are how we GROW and STRETCH ourselves into becoming MORE and LESS.

More trusting & Less controlling

More loving & Less angry

More patient & Less frustrated

More Serving-Centered & Less Self-centered

So, next time you find yourself in the middle of a “CHALLENGE DAY” – remember to choose your MINDSET wisely. Focus your mind on learning how to GROW through the challenges instead of becoming a victim to your circumstances. A phrase that always helps me ground myself is –

“life is happening for US, not TO US.” (Tony Robbins)

In other words, God will use all of our life experiences to GROW and DEVELOP us into HIS beautiful Masterpieces. So, EMBRACE the MESSY process of LEARNING and GROWING – it is ALL part of the PLAN.

Love you BLOOM sisters, you are doing great! ❤

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