In All Your Ways Seek Peace


“The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” 

-Psalm 29:11

In ALL you do, seek peace…  Daughter I want you to continually ask yourself : Is what I’m doing leading me to peace? Is what I am eating and drinking leading me to peace? Is who I spend time with leading me to peace? Do the thoughts I think or the words I speak, cause me to feel peace? I am here to help you search your heart, mind and life to remove ALL that is causing chaos; Just ask me daughter.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts;”

-Psalm 139:23 Continue reading “In All Your Ways Seek Peace”

Are you ready for your Miracle?


“Don’t pray for a miracle, unless you are willing to prepare your HEART and MIND to receive it. If you pray for a miracle, yet doubt it to be possible, you will be unable to see it or receive it when it arrives.

I tell you child, you must BELIEVE NOW. You must prepare your MIND and your HEART for the miracle that you desire.  Live your life by expecting the miracle you want – like a mother expecting her child – each day grow fuller in me trusting that NEW LIFE is on its way. In DUE TIME your miracle will arrive, but NOW is the time for you to PREPARE a place in your life for this miracle to arrive. I am doing my work, do your work sweet child – be PREPARED for me to BLESS YOU and POUR out my FAVOR UPON YOUR LIFE. ” 

-Messages from Above.  Continue reading “Are you ready for your Miracle?”

Good Habits Can lead to Bad Routines


“Good habits are Good, except for when you have a bad routine. “

– Messages from Above. 

We all know the importance of having “GOOD HABITS”. Habits like – Time with God, Balanced eating, Working out, Keeping your home tidy, Making quality time for yourself, Dating your hubby, the list could go on! These are positive choices we can make consistently to help ourselves GROW and Become our best. However, did you know that Good habits can actually lead us to getting Bad results? Continue reading “Good Habits Can lead to Bad Routines”