Good Habits Can lead to Bad Routines


“Good habits are Good, except for when you have a bad routine. “

– Messages from Above. 

We all know the importance of having “GOOD HABITS”. Habits like – Time with God, Balanced eating, Working out, Keeping your home tidy, Making quality time for yourself, Dating your hubby, the list could go on! These are positive choices we can make consistently to help ourselves GROW and Become our best. However, did you know that Good habits can actually lead us to getting Bad results?Recently, God has been revealing to me that – Good habits are Good! However, the way we ORDER our habits and prioritize our days can either lead us to SUCCESS or DESTRUCTION.  Months ago, I had created a Power AM Routine – which I thought was going to be life changing for me; and for a season it was, but then it just stopped working. I started off feeling very inspired, connected to God, energized for the day and I thought all was well – until it wasn’t. I started getting extremely tired (blame it on the pregnancy), which meant I was moodier, I didn’t have time for my husband at night, I was skipping my bible time and had the gym as my #1 priority.

When I realized this routine wasn’t working out anymore, frustration started to kick in for me –  I REALLY WANTED this routine to work out! I felt like this was the BEST way to CONSISTENTLY accomplish my Good habits – but I was WRONG. God gently revealed to me, that my priorities where out of order. I had lost sight of what was most important and I was turning my routine into a IDOL. YIKES! So with this new found wisdom and ACCEPTANCE of the current SEASON I am in – I YET again, re-organized my Good habits into a NEW ROUTINE.

My new routine places my TIME WITH GOD as my NUMERO UNO Goal for the DAY – and my first priority before I do anything else.

“But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 

The other Good habit that I make a priority in my life is – Time to MOVE THE BUMP – being I am now in my 3rd trimester, I have noticed some more aches and pains – so working out 5 days a week is no longer my priority. Keeping my body RESTED, STRONG, and FEELING GOOD is my goal. Which often means, doing less and resting more. I remind myself this is just a season and a season I want to enjoy and embrace.

I have many other GOOD HABITS that I am continuing  to focus on and daily prioritize them as God directs me. Somedays I make playing with my children my top priority over a clean house and somedays I make time with Adam a priority over an early bed time.  No day is the same, however, I find that keeping my routines adaptable to the needs of the day is consistently reaping me OPTIMAL RESULTS.

It is so important to remember that nothing in life is PERMANENT – There is a great quote that says – “The only thing constant in life is CHANGE.” Heraclitus  We need Good Habits to keep us progressing and growing, but our routines can either TRAP us or SET US FREE. ASKING God to guide you as you ORDER the hours of your day is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best results. If you feel you are hitting a wall with your routine – take that as a sign to connect with God and RE-ORDER your routines.

CHANGE is Good and  it is NECESSARY to stay attuned with God. I want to encourage you to embrace the changes that come with each new season! Remember, when making changes, the goal is to KEEP THE GOOD HABITS, but LOSE THE ROUTINES that are no longer working. I promise you, it is worth it to spring clean your routines – keep your routines FRESH and ALIGNED. When your routines are CONNECTED with the VISION God has given you, you will feel great ENERGY at the start of your day and a deep sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT at the end of each day.

Love you Bloom sisters, you are all doing WONDERFUL!!!

❤ Sarah

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