Are you ready for your Miracle?


“Don’t pray for a miracle, unless you are willing to prepare your HEART and MIND to receive it. If you pray for a miracle, yet doubt it to be possible, you will be unable to see it or receive it when it arrives.

I tell you child, you must BELIEVE NOW. You must prepare your MIND and your HEART for the miracle that you desire.  Live your life by expecting the miracle you want – like a mother expecting her child – each day grow fuller in me trusting that NEW LIFE is on its way. In DUE TIME your miracle will arrive, but NOW is the time for you to PREPARE a place in your life for this miracle to arrive. I am doing my work, do your work sweet child – be PREPARED for me to BLESS YOU and POUR out my FAVOR UPON YOUR LIFE. ” 

-Messages from Above. Are you Ready for a Miracle??? That was the question I heard this morning and the message I received from Papa God. Needless to say, it jolted me awake and got me thinking – Are my words matching my actions?

Am I praying for a miracle but not taking action in faith to prepare for my miracle??


Am I praying and taking action daily to prepare myself for a miracle??

As a nesting and expectant mother I THOROUGHLY get the message God is communicating to me. I know in the next 3 months, I will be bringing a child into this world, a beautiful MIRACLE that will bring massive CHANGE to our family and life. This means I need to PREPARE daily for this new season of life. I want to prepare my heart to love my family in new ways. I want to prepare my mind to be strong and resilient and I want to prepare my home so there is space for him. Is my miracle here today? NO! Yet daily, I focus on being prepared for this MIRACLE to arrive. I am choosing to live EXPECTANTLY, knowing my miracle will be arriving in the near future. 

This is the message God wants us to get! Live your life EXPECTANTLY. Is it easier that I have a growing belly and I can feel and see my miracle growing in me? MAYBE. But, I believe that if we look closely enough and stay present – God also gives us signs which confirm that our MIRACLES are on the way.

Listen, I know you want your MIRACLE now.  For some of us it feels like YEARS… we have been praying and praying, yet it has not come… Some of you are praying for BIG miracles like- being healed from cancer, or a marriage being restored, or a child finding salvation, or a husband finding a job. Daily you may battle to find the strength to believe the impossible to be possible… But let me encourage you sister – what you see as IMPOSSIBLE, God sees as – LIGHT WORK! There is no impossible for him. He hears you, He loves you and He has a plan. You MAY not get the MIRACLE you are praying for, but you will receive the MIRACLE that GOD knows you NEED.

Be encouraged that miracles are always happening!  If you are praying for one, begin to PREPARE FOR IT, because it is in progress. Just like a nesting mother prepares for her unborn child, you can also prepare for your miracle. Ask yourself daily:

How will my life be different when my miracle arrives? 


What can I do today to prepare my HEART and MIND to receive my miracle? 

Start TODAY to make room for your miracle! Build your faith and find confidence in God’s word that your MIRACLE is on its way! You do not need to know the HOW or WHEN, just know it is COMING! Live in expectancy, live without DOUBT and find JOY and PEACE in preparing for that ORDAINED MOMENT IN TIME.

Love you Bloom Sisters – Keep it up! ❤

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