Rejoice In The New Day!


Choose to start your day with a grateful heart!

They say, one positive thought can change the whole course of your day and the Bible confirms that being grateful is the “Secret” to being full of energy and joy! Many of us know this, yet we still find ourselves complaining, whining and feeling sorry for ourselves. However, unlike gratitude, complaining, is not energizing, its steals our peace and robs us of our joy.

So how does one stay in a state of gratitude? Simple answer. You must train your Mind and Mouth to think and speak about the GOOD! It is possible to be consistently grateful, full of joy and peace – but it doesn’t happen overnight! Becoming a grateful person, requires you to consistently focus your mind on the GOOD things and the GOD things that are happening in your life.

To begin this process of renewing your mind, it is important that you start your day off strong. Before you even open your eyes, DECLARE – this is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice! Make the CHOICE, to focus on the positive even if you don’t see it. Regardless of how your life looks now, God is still GOOD and that is reason enough to be grateful!

Prayer:  Lord I start this day with a grateful heart! I feel your breath filling me up and energizing my mind, body and spirit. Lord I ask that you make me aware of your presence in my life, may I encounter you in bold ways! I choose to surrender my will to you today – use me how you will Lord. May I be a light to others, spreading hope, peace, and joy wherever I go. In your name, Amen!

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