Praise Him All Day, Everyday!


Praise Him All Day, Everyday!

Praise Him all day, everyday! Have you ever noticed that it is easy to be grateful when life is going according to “your plan”, but the second life seems to go “off course” you can become frustrated? I know I have experienced this human tendency…I do believe it is wise to plan and have a vision for the future – however, I know we need to bring God into our planning and be OPEN to his adjustments. 

There is saying – when humans plan, God laughs! And I am sure he does, because when we plan our future, we plan blindly – we don’t actually know what our futures hold. BUT, God knows ALL, He knows what our future holds and He is preparing the way for us. So if you feel your plans are going south, I suggest you take time to seek God for direction. 

Often what we view as a set back or delay, is God setting us up to fulfill His plan and vision. When we praise God, it opens our hearts and mind to see His hand directing our ways. Our human minds are full of many blocks and limits, but praise removes those blocks and allows us witness God unfolding His perfect plan.

Remember, we don’t know all but we can rely on the ONE who does know all. My prayer is that we may we remember to praise him for guiding us, re-aligning us and providing abundantly! And so it is. 


Prayer: Lord, I desire to praise you all day, everyday. Forgive me for doubting you, losing sight of you and putting my plans above yours. I trust you, I praise you for your faithfulness and I look to you for guidance. Take me where you desire and show me how I can honor and serve you. I love you lord. Amen. 

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