It Is Time For You to Believe.

mold me

“2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

-Romans 12:2

It is time for you to believe the word. In the bible we can read about many miracles – people being healed from years of sickness, lives being restored after tournament, a Shepard boy being turned into a king and a barren womb giving birth to children – this list could go on and on!!! The Word is full of hope, inspiration and faith building messages, but do we always believe it?!?!

Yesterday, I was listening to a message and in it, the pastor said – it is time for you to actually live out your belief. I felt challenged in that moment, to reflect and become aware of places where I value what the WORLD says more than the WORD. See our world, does not support miraculous healing, it doesn’t comprehend heart transformations, or understand God’s anointing.  These are spirituals principles. Although, as christians we have this knowledge and the ability to live in his light, if we choose too. 

As the above verse says – do not conform to the pattern of the world! When we talk about belief, we speak about our minds – and it is clearly stated, that God does not want our minds to be conformed to the ways of the world. The world sees limits- our God is limitless.The world sees Problems – our God is the solution. Our world see with eyes of greed, jealousy and competition – and our God is of generosity, honor and righteousness. Living in this world, we will face these contradicting beliefs daily – God knew that already – and that is why he gives us his WORD. 

Daily we can be bombarded by negativity, fear, doubt, insecurity, anger and other worldly messages. That is why God makes it clear, we must RENEW our minds. If we want to experience any transformation in our lives, it first begins with renewing our minds. We do this by weeding out our hearts and minds of thoughts and beliefs that do not align with the word.   When we read the word, spend time in prayer and seek God daily – we build a strong belief in what our God has promised. When you know the truth, it is much easier to notice the lies of the world.

So today, I encourage you – become aware of your thinking. Begin to notice if your thoughts align more with the world or the word – do this with grace. We are all imperfect humans doing our best to serve a perfect God. He loves us beyond our flaws, yet He desires for us to live fully in his peace, joy and abundance. Take responsibility today for your mind and heart, ask God to fill you with his word so that you may experience the wonders of heaven here on earth.

Prayer: Holy spirit, I welcome you into my life – reveal to me beliefs that are not aligned with your truth. I ask that you guide me to remove any thoughts that limit me from seeing your presence in my life. I desire to be transformed by your living word, change me lord from the inside out. Make me like you. And so it is.

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