Let Go of Control


 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

-John 8:32

This morning I was writing to God and it came up that I have beLIEfs that are separating me from His presence. I came to him this morning feeling burdened by my own mind, asking Him to help me sort myself out. I asked that He reveal to me what is the root issue of my stress and restlessness? I said, show me – How can I live in your peace again? How can I be overflowing with your Joy and Passion again? Show me Lord what is holding me back from fully resting in your Holy Presence?

And graciously He answered me…  He gently brought conviction, shedding light on thought patterns that lead me down a path of stress, burnout, frustration, and ultimately take me away from his presence…

Convictions is energizing to me, it assures me I am close to freedom – but in order to become free I must first take a step forward.  And freedom always begins with surrendering… So today I choose to surrender my will,  my mind, my thoughts, my words and my actions to Him. I Invited the Holy spirit to invade me and rid me of the BELIEFS and thoughts that block me from seeing the TRUTH. I do this in faith, knowing my will is stubborn and it wants to hold tightly to control. But I trust the process and Know that I am not alone and He is helping me return to his presence.

Let me close by saying – If you are feeling burdened by your mind today – I want to encourage you to SURRENDER. Seek your freedom, let go of the LIES that are stealing your joy, peace and passion… Remember, God wants us close to Him, resting in his presence, Trusting his plan. So let go of your desire to control, release yourself from the grip of fear and move closer to Him.

All is well, His plans are perfect, He is always on time and all the details are taken care of. Rest in that TRUTH.

Much love Sister,

Sarah ❤

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