You are Both Pain and Purpose

happ“That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.v8. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

-James 1:7-8

God is in your Pain.

God is in your Purpose.

If you separate your self from either your pain or your purpose – you are in spirit, separating yourself from God and His promises. 

Let us be honest, life is full of pain… However, a double minded women does not understand her pain nor her purpose… She is distrusting, disbelieving and unfaithful to her creator… She wonders and ask her creator, such questions like:

How could YOU let this happen to me?

Why would YOU let my life be full of pain? 

Why did YOU make me this way?

I can’t be who YOU called me to be… 

She wants to run from her pain, ignore it, deny it and avoid it. She often blames her creator and others for the pain she is experiencing… Yet she forgets, this life she has, is a gift. And She is a MIRACLE. There are no mistakes. She was designed and created by a PERFECT CREATOR.

The double minded women has yet to realize that her pain is simply a stepping stone. She doesn’t see that HER creator can USE HER PAIN to – MOLD HER, RE-FINE HER and ASK HER to reveal her love and dedication to HIM.

She is constanly confused as to WHO she is and WHY her life is the way it is…  However, HER creator KNOWS who she is… He knows her PURPOSE. He KNOWS her WEAKNESS.


For His daughter, is BOTH  Pain and Purpose.

She is both Slave and High priestess.

She is both Victim and Victor.

She is both Dark and light.

She is both Fallen and Called.

She is ALL of this and MORE.

Her CREATOR never intended for her to SUFFER…. But She was born into a fallen world… She will experience PAIN….However, she will not suffer in vain; BUT INSTEAD, SHE will be MADE WHOLE through it. This is her creator’s perfect plan for REDEMPTION and RESTORATION.

So if YOU are in your pain. Be in it. WITH YOUR CREATOR.


ONLY HE KNOWS how your pain will LEAD you to your purpose.

SO SISTER I urge you…




Love your sister… ❤






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