In Between Seasons


The time between HERE and THERE.

 NOW and THEN.



The Time between seasons…. 

There are times, where it seems as though time stands still. 

It is but only an illusion, for time is constant. It is always moving forward. 

1 second at a time…

In those seasons where time appears slow, we often want to pick up the pace.

We look for ways to make time Go faster.

We say things like…. Maybe if I DO THIS, I will get there faster.

Yet time keeps a steady pace… 1 second at a time….

In these moments of “SPACE” and “TIME”, is where we most often grow.

These moments in time are opportunities for us to REFLECT – Evaluating the direction we are heading in. These season allow time for us to  catch our BREATHE and maybe even smell the roses… They hold so much potential for us to INCREASE our growth – if only we appreciate the space between HERE AND THERE.

You must come to understand and acknowledge that, the space between HERE And THERE – is WHERE YOU become the next VERSION of YOU.

There is ORDER in the process of GROWTH.

Fall comes before winter. Winter before spring.

In fall many trees must let Go of their leaves, and in winter it must endure the weight of a blistery snow. Then comes spring, and those trees bloom again, stronger, bigger, and more vibrant then before…

We also have our own order of shedding, dormancy and blooming. In our season of fall we must shed old beliefs and things of the past; in winter we must endure, pressing through when we feel raw, barren, and isolated. THEN, and only then, can we BLOOM again as a – wiser, stronger, more VIBRANT version of Ourselves!!!

So next time you find yourself in THE SPACE BETWEEN HERE AND THERE. I hope you  find the courage to honor that season. I hope you embrace the process of shedding – releasing anything, that may be holding you back from Growing into the next version of YOU. I hope that if you are in a season of dormancy, that you seek God for warmth, love, and companionship. I encourage, you to do THE WORK necessary to GROW into ALL that God is calling you to BE. Because when spring comes, and spring always comes, I hope that ALL can see that you are a NEW CREATION , BEARING GOOD FRUIT.

Trust the PROCESS. In season, you Will Bloom.

Love you sister in christ, Sarah ❤

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