Ouch! That hurt.



I recored a short video the other day talking more about FORGIVENESS!!!! and I hope you check it out.

But, in short, I was talking about how its much easier to ignore emotional wounds, compared to physical wounds. If I scratched my hand, all would be able to see, I wouldn’t need a doctor, but I would need to take a step or two to help that cut heal.  Its common sense for us, we know that basics of taking care of a cut or bruise when it comes to our bodies – but what to do we do to heal emotional wounds??

Sadly, this is not as common knowledge – most of us DO NOT know how to heal emotional wounds and this is why they often go untreated for years, leading to much more pain.  We know that if a cut is not properly treated, it could cause infection, and lead to much more severe issues.. But what if I told you, that if your emotional wounds are left untreated that it would lead to much more severe issues?? Would you believe me?

Truth is, wether you believe me or not is not the issue… Emotional Wounds left untreated WILL lead to more severe issues, I know this to be true.

I will be sharing much more over the next few weeks about emotional healing and how to live a more vibrant and WHOLE life. Follow along, this is a journey worth taking!!!


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