She Was Lovely


At the end of your life what is ONE word you hope others would use to describe you??

I heard this question the other day and it stuck with me! The person who posed this question gave the reference to God. He said, If we were to choose ONE word to describe God, which encompasses all He represents, it is LOVE. So when others think of you and all you have done, what will they say!?

Wise? Generous? Kind? Faithful?

I encourage you to take time and reflect on this!

The word I choose is: LOVELY.  I hope that at the end of my life, I will be seen and known as a lovely person. Thank God, I have my whole LIFE to accomplish this, because Lord knows I am a work in progress!

Hope you enjoy thinking about this question and dreaming of what your life could look like! Our God is a loving God, and He has good plans for me and YOU.

Much love,

Sarah ❤


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