Getting Stronger


I started doing a new workout recently, and it is HARD. Not impossible, but Hard… One of my favorite lines that the trainers say is – “It is supposed to be hard!!!!”. I wanted to share with you my internal dialogue during my workout and some nuggets of insight!

Before workout : Ok Sarah, You got this! You are athletic, strong and you like a challenge. Just, DO IT. HAVE FUN and CHUG your GO-JUICE.

Start of workout: I watch the instructor lay out the workout… I start saying prayers that I can survive and I look around for moral support!

Mid workout – Holy crap this hard! AH! stay focused, just keep pushing along… 15 min left….

End of workout – 3 min left… THAT’s the FINISHER…???? Im dead. It hurts. I can’t. OMG. AH… IM Dying…… AH….

Then it is over….. and we stretch and I catch my breathe…. and then I say…. I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! See you tomorrow??

So what is the point of me sharing this??? Well, the other day God brought this parable to my mind… He showed me that, when we feel the weakest in our workout, we are actually building the most strength. The same is TRUE for life…  The CHALLENGE that we are facing is what creates the opportunity for GROWTH and EXPANSION.

He then compared this to life struggles. How often  life situations (i.e. Relationships, Jobs, Children, Finances, etc.) can make us feel WEAK. Which can the lead us to feel fear, anxiety, sadness or overwhelm.  He said, these feelings often make us want to GIVE UP and throw in the towel…  

BUT, God wants you to KNOW that  this challenge, is not meant to BREAK you – it’s is meant to BUILD YOU UP! The weakness your feeling,  is not a sign of failure – it is a sign that you are entering a season of GROWTH.


See this fear as an opportunity to GROW YOUR FAITH  and dig deeper into the WORD. See this anxiety as an opportunity to strengthen your INNER PEACE – See this sadness as an opportunity to FIND DEEPER JOY in life. Whatever you do, keep moving forward and use these challenges to GROW. 

I hope this word encourages you as much as it has FOR ME!!! Remeber, YOU can do HARD THINGS. Accept whatever challenge you are facing right now in your life and ALLOW it to GROW you and BUILD YOU UP.

Grow through this sister! I Love you.

Sarah ❤




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