Hidden Dreams

public-speakingMaturation: the action or process of maturing.


God put this word on my heart today to encourage His daughters that are wondering when their dreams will become a reality. I believe He wants you to know that –


You may have a desire to speak on stages and encourage others – You may want to build a business that spreads hope and truth – You may feel called to do mission work and spread the gospel – You may have a desire to expand your family. Whatever your hidden dream is – I believe God has placed it in you!

Todays word is here to remind you to – TRUST GOD’S PROCESS OF GROWTH and MATURING.  This period of Growth is God’s perfect design to prepare you for His future plans!

I want to urge you sister – BELIEVE in your dreams, take steps daily towards making that dream a reality and lean into God. Seek Him continually for wisdom on how to develop your dreams.  There are no shortcuts here, you have to walk this process out day by day.  It is through the process that God is able to mold you and develop you into the Women He has CALLED you to be.

Enjoy the process and KNOW one day – you will be on that stage. You will hold that book. You will own that business. You will hold that child. That day will come. 

Keep blooming, growth looks amazing on YOU!

Love Sarah ❤



4 thoughts on “Hidden Dreams

  1. I love this reminder!! Feeling a calling is the first step. But trusting Gods process is the most difficult!


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