Trust God’s Timeline

“The wise understand that great things take time, But miracles only happen on God’s timeline. “


Today I spoke with friend who reminded me to TRUST GOD’S TIMELINE.  God has given me many visions for my future and they excite me and fill me with so much HOPE . I know these visions will take time to manifest, but often I want them to happen NOW!

I think we all can be this way at times – wanting our miracle RIGHT NOW! We often plea with God – PLEASE LORD, MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE NOW!!!! But God knows BEST. He sees the places in our heart that still need pruning. He knows the thought patterns that keep tripping us up and He sees the lessons we still need to learn.

So for now sister, Be WISE – Keep believing, keep praying, keep seeking, and KNOW that your TIME is coming!!!

Enjoy the process ~ Your in the middle of an unfolding MIRACLE!

Sarah ❤

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