“Her ways are highways of pleasentness and favor, and all her paths are peace.”

-Proverbs 3:17

Welcome to WISDOM WEDNESDAY friends!

Is Godly wisdom VALUABLE to you? Do you DESIRE to have “spiritual understanding” and “insight”? Proverbs tells us that wisdom is more valuable then gold and silver and above all else- we should seek WISDOM!

Proverbs also emphasizes that when we stay close to wisdom our paths will be peaceful! We live in a time where we have constant access to information and opinions. Although this is useful, it can also lead us down a path of self-sufficiency (aka, doing life without God). And a life without God leads to destruction and despair…

I encourage you to spend time reading proverbs. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the word and reveal to you deeper insight.  I promise this is a choice you will not regret! 😉

Keep seeking sister~  ❤

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