“Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son’

-Don Moen, Give Thanks 


It was during my workout yesterday that I heard from God!  I enjoy praying during my workouts, I visualize myself pressing into the spirit realm as I also challenge my body to reach new limits! Its POWERFUL imagery.

Yesterday I was praying and seeking wisdom on what to write about for todays blog, when I heard him say – Are you thankful for what I have done ALREADY?? I felt a rush of JOY and EXCITEMENT – hearing from God always does that to me. I was reminded in that moment of how GOD ALWAYS SHOWS UP!

Sister, I KNOW how fun it is to focus on the future and to dream about your destiny and to believe for GOD TO DO IT AGAIN!!! But, its so important to stay thankful for what God has already done! I encourage you to REMEMBER – Remember all the prayers God has answered, remember the times He showed up ,JUST IN TIME and Remember your mountain top moments! He will DO IT AGAIN, but stay Grateful for what HE HAS ALREADY DONE!!!!!

❤ you!

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