Come to the light. 

Last night I had this beautiful vision as I Prayed over Someone Special, and I feel YOU ALL will benefit from hearing this word!

This special person has been experiencing anxiety and battling with fear recently and was desiring peace… I told him I wanted to pray for him  and ask God to reveal truth and wisdom…  As I was praying, I had this vision where I saw light arising in his body – it was coming up from his feet towards his head. As the light was rising I saw this darkness being PUSHED UP towards his head.

As I Saw this, I heard in my spirit – this fear he is experiencing in his mind isn’t “COMING UPON HIM” it is “COMING OUT OF HIM”.

I declared over this special person – that it is time to RELEASE!!!!! Let go of all the dark energy that has been in you – RECEIVE God’s spirit of lightness.

We both felt God was saying, it is time for Him to release OLD -LIMITING – LIES AND FEARS. Although, those fears and lies have laid hidden for some time, GOD’S LIGHT is shinning on him NOW.  This Light signals it is TIME  to – LET GO OF THE OLD and LET GOD”S LIGHT ARISE. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms of fear,  I hope you DECLARE this truth also. Speak ALOUD – I RELEASE THIS DARKNESS AND ALLOW GOD”S LIGHT TO ARISE IN ME!!!! Believe it sister, fear has NO POWER over you. ARISE!!!!!

I love you, Sarah ❤

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