How to Re-Align When You Feel “OFF”


Hey Sis,

I want to share with you today one of my GO TO SPIRITUAL PRACTICES to get myself back in ALIGNMENT!! I think we all have times when we feel OFF – our minds feel cluttered, our hearts feel heavy, and our souls feel weary. At times, life can get messy, and we can find ourselves bogged down and in need of RE-ALIGNMENT

What if I told you, cleaning my home is one of my TOP SPIRITUAL TOOLS for RE-ALIGNMENT? Would you think I was crazy, or would you want to know more??

First, I believe our homes are a reflection of our mental state and our mental state is a reflection of our spiritual state. For example, if my house is messy and out of control, then I find that my mind is often cluttered and my spirit feels chaotic. This may seem far-fetched, but I challenge you to see your life as a whole and all the different parts of your life as interconnected.

The beauty of seeing life from this deeper perspective is you understand this TRUTH – When I make a positive change in one area of my life,  it will create a positive shift in all areas of my life!

I have proof of this in my own life! Today, I began my positive shift by cleaning my house. This shift lead towards my mind feeling more clear and my spirit feeling refreshed, which lead to me feeling more energized- which allowed my creativity to flow, which is why you are now able to read this post! How cool is that!? It truly is amazing when you can see how one choice positively impacts the direction of your day!

I encourage you to explore this way of thinking. Challenging yourself, not to just look at the surface of your life but to also look deeper. As an example, to begin to look deeper, you can ask yourself these questions:

What does my home tell me about my state of mind? 

What do my closets and hidden spaces reveal to me about my Spiritual state?

What projects can I accomplish that will start a positive flow in my day? 

TRUTH – Being honest with yourself, allows you to experience real breakthrough. You may not love the truth but the truth will set you FREE. Accept where you are today and realize that tomorrow has the possibility to be 10x better if you are willing to make a small positive change RIGHT NOW!

Trust the process of healing, growing and transforming!

Love you sis ❤





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