Less Is More

Hey Sisters,

A word of encouragement for you during this Holiday season!!!


In a season that seems to be about excess and consuming more of what the world has to offer, I encourage you to seek less… Be intentional about the things you buy and the activities that fill your calendar. More is not always more, often more is simply more stress! However, less creates space and freedom to enjoy what you already have!

So as you go through your days and weeks evaluate how you can experience more by having less.

Less distractions, more connection.

Less expectations, more spontaneity.

Less pressure, more passion.

Less things, more giving.

Less to-dos, more enjoying.

Less of what the world has to offer, more of seeking what God is doing.

Let’s commit together sisters to seek less of the world and more of God’s Kingdom! I am Praying that all who read this, receive a renewed sense of peace and joy! And so it is. AMEN!

Love, Sarah x0


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