Unlimited Joy: Psalm 30:11

Joy1“You turned my lament into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness,”

-Psalm 30:11


Today I believe marks a time and season when God is allowing us to experience an Increase in JOY! Based off the Jewish Calendar, today  we have entered the month of Adar – which means Unlimited Joy! I find it so exciting, to think, that God has prepared this time on the calendar to POUR out UNLIMITED Joy on His children.

I did a small bit of research on Adar, but what I most appreciated was that Adar symbolizes a time of God – FLIPPING THE SCRIPT. Our God is famous for saving the day and taking our ashes and giving us a beautiful life story. Our father in heaven is aware that we experience times of grief and troubles- However,  He is even more aware of the victory and Hope that is available through His Son! This will be our focus over the next month, understanding what is AVAILABLE to us, what JOY we constantly have access to – because of the FINISHED work of Jesus.

I am very aware, some of you who read this may be in a very dark, challenging, and painful season. You may be longing to feel joy again , but your just not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. God sees you and He wants you to know…

Spring is coming! Seasons are shifting, and it is time for you to take off the clothes from last season and PUT ON  a new outfit; You wouldn’t wear your winter parka on a sunny spring day, so take of that spirit of heaviness because you are entering a season of UNLIMITED JOY!

Whatever season you have been in, KNOW that there is MORE Joy available. This joy I speak of, is not anything we can create on our own, as we will learn. This Joy, is not simply a positive emotion, it is a state of BEING. We are going to learn to become people of Joy, Deeply rooted and connected to the spirit of God.

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Enjoy this new season,



P.S. I created a post with some suggestions on How to get the most out of this month!! Click Here


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