Focus On The Lovely



A peace that surpasses all understanding.

-Philippians 4:6-8

I understand the our world as a whole is in a chaotic, distressed, and overwhelmed state. I understand that there are so many numbers, stats, facts, feelings, and opinions lingering in the atmosphere. I understand that no one really knows, yet we are doing our best to understand and predict the unknown.

In all this understanding have I found peace? Have I felt joy? Barely… If anything, I have experienced more confusion then clarity.  The more I have sought to understand and process all the facts, the less I experienced peace.

As believers we are not called to understand the world, we are called to believe in the word. This world is full of suffering, turmoil, war, and evil… It’s there, you can find it. But this world is also full of people like you and me, and new babies, and kind people and lovely things. If you look for it, you will find it…

Notice what you been focusing on. Become aware of the things you are trying to understand. If you have been focusing on the dark, acknowledge this; be willing to forgive yourself and not judge the place you are in. Once you become aware, you can then choose to shift and re-focus your mind onto other things!

Be kind with yourself, focus on the lovely, and let go of the need to understand all things. Peace is so much more valuable and enjoyable than being able to understand the things of this world.

Enjoy your time reflecting.

Much love,

Sarah x0

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