Changing Seasons

“There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

You were not created to live in full bloom in every season. You my friend are meant to go through seasonal changes and experience times of transformation. As we look at God’s creation, we see that God loves the beauty of life and the only constant in life is – Change. Are you able to embrace your seasons of change?

I believe as a female I am able to enjoy the fullness of understanding seasons. In Ecclesiastes is talks about the seasons of life, times of birth and death, pain and joy, and so on. I monthly have come to understand the seasons I go through. Times of shedding and releasing, times of rebirthing and emerging, times of creating and blooming, and times of nesting and resting. Monthly I am able to experience my own cycle of death and re-birth.

This may be your first time thinking about your female flow this way, and it may sound foreign to you. It was also foreign to me at first. However, I now find it empowering that I have learned how to speak the language of my body. I understand that monthly I will experience peaks and valleys, and that is by God’s design. I believe, that our fullest potential is not found in our ability to stay in full bloom year round – but rather in our ability, to ebb and flow.

This past week, I found myself out of alignment with the season my body was shifting into. My life and mind kept demanding of me to keep pushing, going, doing and creating. In my mind, I kept thinking – I just need to keep pulling it together! Get it together, Sarah! But my spirit knew the season had shifted, and that it was time to slow down. My body was signaling this also, but I wanted to keep blooming.

I am still learning how to embrace these times of rest and slowing down. Every month I get a glimpse of the power of slowing down and how it allows me to speed up. I can see the benefit of taking time away from the outside world and how it allows me to gain new perspective and insight. I do see God’s wonder and glory in my female body. Yet, I still am learning how to fully honor these seasonal changes in a world that demands I be in full bloom all the time.

I will continue to share my thoughts and insights about my own personal female journey. I find it helpful to hear from other women and how they embrace being a women. God loves his daughters! I believe this is why we are wired for community so that we can support each other through our monthly peaks and valleys. I hope you can find support from my writings and know you are not alone!

Much love,

Sarah ❤


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