She Was Lovely


At the end of your life what is ONE word you hope others would use to describe you??

I heard this question the other day and it stuck with me! The person who posed this question gave the reference to God. He said, If we were to choose ONE word to describe God, which encompasses all He represents, it is LOVE. So when others think of you and all you have done, what will they say!? Continue reading “She Was Lovely”

Ouch! That hurt.



I recored a short video the other day talking more about FORGIVENESS!!!! and I hope you check it out.

But, in short, I was talking about how its much easier to ignore emotional wounds, compared to physical wounds. If I scratched my hand, all would be able to see, I wouldn’t need a doctor, but I would need to take a step or two to help that cut heal.  Its common sense for us, we know that basics of taking care of a cut or bruise when it comes to our bodies – but what to do we do to heal emotional wounds?? Continue reading “Ouch! That hurt.”