Wild Mind

The theme word for today’s #hopewriterslife Challenge is: STORY

I began my day reflecting on these questions – What type of story is playing in my MIND? Is the story negative? Am I the hero? Is there a plot twist? Do I slay the dragon by the end of the day?! Do we all survive!? (JK)

I began today feeling tired and overwhelmed for the workload ahead of me. I did not feel like hero and I was in desperate need of a plot twist. I could hear the thoughts in my mind repeating- “I have so much to do today… There is not enough time. I am the only one doing all of this work, no one can help me. ” These thoughts made me feel defeated, deflated and anxious! Not exactly the ideal way to start the day.

I knew I needed to do something to help me shake the angst and increase my faith. I decided take a walk and listen to worship music. The walk helped a little, but I needed more. I went to a quiet place and sat down to read my Bible and renew my mind. During my reading, I read from Proverbs 12 – Because a proverb a day keeps the devil away!😁😊

"v.25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
    but a kind word cheers it up."

I wrote this verse down in my journal and was meditating on the part about a “kind word”. I know the power of encouraging words, they can melt away fear and set a soul on fire! I also know that encouragement does not have to be external, it can and should, come from ourselves! I prayed, asking God to help me stay encouraged today and aware of when the story in my head became negative and defeating.

I then procced to Instagram – Because the Holy Spirit speaks in mysterious ways and you never know what you will find! What I found was an awesome confirmation. As soon as I hopped on, I saw one of my friends had posted a video titled – Fight The Good Fight. My Friend records daily motivation on her website (http://www.angelabarnshaw.com/), she is awesome and she walks the talk! But today she was talking about how we must tend to our thoughts and be mindful of what thoughts we follow. I loved her words and I received the encouragement and wisdom!

I would love to tell you the story in my mind was positive all day, but that is not truth. But I will tell you, that when I caught myself in the negative story line, I was quick to flip the script, and change the narrative. Our thought life will never be perfect, the mind is wild and in constant need of renewing. But if you stay consistent with tending to your thoughts, weeding out the lies and replacing them with hope ~ You will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

Remember this when you feel discouraged, your story is not over yet – stay hopeful- The best is yet to be!

Much love Bloom friends,


God’s: To-Do List



Give God Your LIST!

Sister, if you are feeling weighed down and burdened by your mental list , its probably time for a brain dump. So get out some paper,  write down all your thoughts, then delegate! Here are some suggestions on what you can delegate to God, so you can lighten your load and get your JOY back! (It really is the responsible thing to do)

God’s TO-DO list:

  1. Heal past trauma
  2. Get rid of depression
  3. Purge out fear
  4. Make peace with family members
  5. Salvation for family members
  6. Receive Prosperity and abundance
  7. Live with peace, joy and hope
  8. Learn to Love others
  9. Raise God loving children
  10. Become more holy

ONLY GOD can do, what only God can do. Reminder, YOU ARE NOT GOD.  Although, you are His beloved child and He loves you. God desires for  you to live in His perfect peace, but You must be willing to receive that.

If your like me, you want to let go and trust God , but sometimes it feels hard to quiet your mind! Those cares can be pesky and keep showing up even after we have given them to God.. So how do we truly cast our cares??

I believe there are steps we can take, to help position our hearts and mind towards surrender. This is a process, it will take practice and patience, but it is worth the effort!

Here are the steps I take when casting my cares: 

Step 1: Release your cares to God, write them down and say – GOD I give this to you, I trust that you will handle this in your perfect timing, AMEN! See yourself laying your care down at Jesus feet and imagine Him saying – I got this! You may be tempted to pick that care back up, DO NOT, leave it where it belongs!

Step 2: Renew your mind with truth. When that “care” pops up in your mind, override it with TRUTH. Speak out, – God already knows this care, He is taking care of it and i TRUST HIM. Ask God for a biblical promise that you can speak over the problem in your life. The Bible is full of life giving words and it has the power to transform your thinking and life.

Step 3: Believe that God will deliver! Believe that God is taking care of EVERYTHING! Believe so BIG that you no longer hear the doubt or worry!!! Praise and worship is a powerful tool to help you get out of your mind and get into God’s presence – In His presence is where you receive power and peace!

Praying this word encourages you and infuses your soul with HOPE!


Love you sister,

Sarah x0