Let Your Voice Be Heard

Only you can tell your story.
As someone who writes, I believe there is great value in sharing parts of my life story. I know there is power in opening up, being vulnerable, and letting others know they are not alone. I know as a believer, that God is glorified when I share my testimonies! However, at times, I find myself holding back from sharing. I often tell myself, that others have come before me and told their story – therefore the world doesn’t need to hear MY story also‚Ķ
The world may not need to hear my stories of challenge and overcome, but you may need to. I remind myself that shame, guilt, and fear want to keep me silent. But the truth of God sets me free, and encourages me to seek healing and connection! I know it can be terrifying to step out and share the vulnerable parts of your life. It is easier to stay quiet, and just move along with life, and never tell your story. But, on the flip side, there is great healing and strength that can come from sharing and opening up with others.

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